Watermelon, Pink Pickled Onion and Feta Salad 799 1024 gastronome

Watermelon, Pink Pickled Onion and Feta Salad

This refreshing and tangy watermelon salad is perfect for picnics. It’s super easy and can be assembled before or you can put it together al fresco. Don’t be put off from marrying sweet juicy melon with salty feta and tangy pickled onion, I promise it utterly works! Serves 2 read more
Easter Devilled Eggs
Easter Devilled Eggs 804 1024 gastronome

Easter Devilled Eggs

Why not try some of these delicious topping options, to turn your Devilled Eggs into the perfect Easter nibble. read more
Vegan Taco Shells 426 640 gastronome

Vegan Taco Shells

These taco shells are perfect for a movie night or get together (when we’re allowed!) as you can make the shells in advance. Or to make it even less labour intensive, put the fillings out and guests can fill their own shells! read more
Spinach & Feta Muffins 1024 1024 gastronome

Spinach & Feta Muffins

I have been making these muffins for as long as I can remember. Back in those chilly days on the market stall, customers used to reserve them by the bag full, to save being disappointed in case I’d sold out! read more
Super Bowl Nachos Recipe
Super Bowl Nachos 705 1024 gastronome

Super Bowl Nachos

This year’s Superbowl may not feel like it usually does, but that’s no reason to not go for it with super bowl snacks, in fact if anything it’s MORE of a reason! read more
Bloody Hell Mary
Bloody Hell Mary 748 1024 gastronome

Bloody Hell Mary

Bloody 2020, bloody Corona, bloody tiers, bloody hell! Normally January starts off the year by ringing its moral bell and every magazine article, online recipe, food supplement you glance at…

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Winter Minestrone 1024 683 gastronome

Winter Minestrone

This is my favourite soup, which if you knew me is a fairly large statement as I’m a soup fiend. I adapt Minestrone for all seasons, so it can be…

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Roasted Red Onion Soup with Welsh Rarebit Toasts 1024 792 gastronome

Roasted Red Onion Soup with Welsh Rarebit Toasts

Being a child of the seventies and eighties, I’m a natural sucker for a French onion soup. The thrill of seeing molten cheese on a floating toast was (and still…

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Gem’s Vegan Sausage Roll 1024 924 gastronome

Gem’s Vegan Sausage Roll

This is not a Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll… This is Gem’s Vegan Sausage Roll   I couldn’t believe the other day when using up some pastry from the freezer that…

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Beer Battered Avocado Tacos 819 1024 gastronome

Beer Battered Avocado Tacos

This recipe is a great and most delicious way to use up slightly unripe avocados. This recipe won’t work with ‘bullet hard’ avocados though, those avos will have to cuddle…

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