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We will NOT be defeated by this freakin’ virus. We will NOT deprive you of Gastrono-me Good Times 🍾🥂This is a time for for hunkering down and re-connecting in new ways. So to ease you into your new routine Gastrono-me is there for you – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. So yes you CAN nail a #Hash with a Me-mosa in your very own comfy bed 🎉😍 You CAN eat a Hangover Stack 🥞while you binge on Netflix. We are truly heartbroken to look out at our empty restaurant. In the last 2 years it’s been our life’s work to keep it full of laughter, love and cheer. To hear you, see you and share in your lives. We have constant lumps in our throats, but we will not stay down. We will not be separated as a team for any longer than we have to. Which is why we’re starting a takeaway service, this is our new life line. Please use us, make us vital, we live to serve you all, it keeps us sane, keeps us out of trouble and we like to think you enjoy what we do. We will launch from tomorrow, simply at first – you phone us place your order and then collect. We imagine in time we will deliver to you. Bear with us this is new, menus will be printed soon, and available online, on here and at the restaurant. At the moment we’re trying to see the weekend though, but everyday (hour) we’re monitoring it. Take care of yourselves approach this time with good humour and love. We as a team, a family will promise to do the same. As we used to have painted on a tiny scruffy wall at 2 St Johns Street “Call it a clan, call it a tribe, call it a family, but whatever you do call it Gastrono-me”

Time to enjoy your Gastrono-me favourites at home! Simply phone us, place your order, pay by debit/credit card and collect from the front of the restaurant. We’re going to have some fun over the next few weeks – use the #me2go hashtag and take a pic of you enjoying your Gastrono-me takeout in your new location. Prizes will be awarded for the most fun, unusual, quirky! Over to you!

New Menus out now! 1000 1000 gastronome

New Menus out now!

Check out our new menus.

Bottomless Bubbles at Gastrono-me this Valentine’s Day 1000 1000 gastronome

Bottomless Bubbles at Gastrono-me this Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a night gazing into a loved ones eyes, or a Galentine’s/Palentine’s night with your bestie, Gastrono-me has got you covered!

Starter & Main Bottomless Bud or Prosecco for 90 minutes £38 per person.

We guarantee you’ll see stars no matter how the evening ends…

Bottomless Brunch at Gastrono-Me Bury St Edmunds - Unlimited Cocktails
Bottomless Brunch Gastrono-Me 1024 680 gastronome

Bottomless Brunch Gastrono-Me

90 minutes of swash-brunching joy! One main course and UNLIMITED COCKTAILS.

Whole table must go bottomless, no stacking drinks orders. Your 90 mnutes starts at the time of your booking or table seating for walk-ins.

£30 per head.

When booking online, just type BOTTOMLESS in the “comments” section.